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Scriptues 4us      
Christian Online Business.. WORTHY OF RESEARCH (ONE OPTION IS A "REASONABLE CO-OP") EASY OPTIONS AND HIGH COMMISSION Amazing Choices and Products I Am Loving It.. Join Me
Category: Christian Lifestyle
New Covenant International Bible College      
New Covenant International Bible College is an institute without walls, proclaiming the world as our classroom. Dedicated to providing students with quality and affordable education programs to be effective in Christian service and prepared to reach the world for the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ.We offer certificate, diploma and degree programs. Earn an accredited degree 100% online or by correspondence. Visit our website and check out our monthly specials!
Category: Christian Education Sites >> Universities, Schools, Seminaries
Northwestern Christian University      
Online University Degrees.. 98% LESS than Private Universities 90-day accelerated Degree Programs Thru PLA: Prior Learning Assessment Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate. Online Open Enrollment Each Month. Apply Now $59 to enroll this month only! www.NorthwesternChristianUniversity.com
Category: Christian Education Sites >> Universities, Schools, Seminaries
Know My Story      
A movement of young people who have found hope and are using their stories to being hope to others. THe people in this website speak honestly, about the human experience, the triumphs and struggles. These stories give hope.
Category: Christian Lifestyle
Christian Issues You Tube      
Various videos on Christian subjects.
Category: Christian Mission
Northwestern Theological Seminary      
Online Seminary Degrees.. 98% LESS than Private Universities Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate M.Div. or Ph.D. in just months not years Online OPEN Enrollment Each Month Apply Now.www.NorthwesternSeminary.com
Category: Christian Education Sites >> Universities, Schools, Seminaries
NM Biblical Counselor      
Worldwide Online Biblical Counseling in a "Chat" format and handmade Christian Witness Bracelets.
Category: Christian Family & Health >> Spiritual, Physical
End Time Deception      
Explains End Time Prophecies in the Bible
Category: Christian Writings
Ampang Chinese Methodist Church, Malaysia      
Ampang Chinese Methodist Church, Selangor, Malaysia
Category: Christian Business & Church
Voice of the Calling      
Today we face the challenge - to preach the faith of God, focused on the latest purposes in the will of God, and to prophesy about the important missions of the Olive trees for a dying humanity, gone astray Christianity and for glorious salvation of the remnant of God's people scattered throughout different denominations of Christianity. It expresses our conformity to the word of God, as Isaiah said:«The voice of one crying in the wilderness: "Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert a highway for our God. …”
Category: Christian Writings
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